Wash your hair....Once a week!

Only wash your hair once a week....??? Say what?! Everyone always asks how we make it only washing hair once a week and so Morgan is going to share her personal hair care & styling routine.

The main factor in making this work, is that you need to keep your looks versatile so that it doesn’t start to appear flat on you... and so you don't get frustrated.

Day 1- Straight look! Keep it simple! I round-brush my hair so my products have maximum effect and my volume is amplified. I use Awaken Shampoo and Conditioner to keep my scalp healthy and from getting to oily/itchy in-between washes. I also use the Awaken therapeutic treatment daily as i tend to get dry spots on my scalp (and definitely gets worse during winter months). HOT TIP: Keep your hands out of your hair! The more you "play", the more likely you are to get oils from your hands in your hair, so if you want to keep the oils at bay - HANDS OFF!

Surface Curls Hairspray

Day 2 -I will add some curls with a flatiron or curling iron and a soft texture hairspray because I don’t like when my hair feels crunchy but I want it to stay styled. Curls Hairspray is my favorite as it also helps with heat protection too!

Day 3 -Add some hair bling! Fun bobby pins or small braids to change your look/texture so the volume and look don’t seem flat or worn in.


Day 4 -I’ll throw in my fave Pink Pewter headband and create a "fake" updo, or ponytail.

Day 5/6 -Braids, twists, buns to end the week since my brain and hands are worn from all the hair creativity I’ve had all week. For real, this makes my day easier and always can add a sparkly headband or hair pins for a little spice to be added to your look! If all else fails, throw on your favorite hat and call it a day!

I use a variety of Surface Hair products depending on what look I’m going for but, here is my personal list of “go to” products that help with any style:

Trinity Protein Cream: sprayed on damp hair to help add strength, protect, and detangle hair.

Bassu Hydrating Oil: apply to damp hair to help drive all your Surface products deeper and hydrate the hair without causing limp strands.

Bliss Cream: applied to towel dried hair for added volume and eliminate frizz.

Trinity Dry Shampoo: as soon as hair is washed and dried to help grab oil and sweat as it forms; also daily before you restyle! HOT TIP: Spray in and hit with the blow dry to help reactivate all the absorption power! This is also a great product to have in your gym bag to not only help soak up sweat, but can be doubled as a light deodorant!

Awaken Elixir: sprayed on scalp wet or dry as a treat for my scalp and to help all your Awaken products reach max potential.

Curls Hairspray: uses sugar stylers to create a longer hold without that “Sticky” feel! Use before thermal styling for long lasting style! Finish with Curls Hairspray for a light hold factor!

Push Powder: to amp up that volume, create a little "grip" for your style and help control the shine from oil on scalp and hair! Add as needed. Hopefully this helps some of you if you needed some tips and tricks to make that hairstyle last between washes!

Of course, The Local Bombshell carries Pink Pewter and the complete line Surface Hair products. Please reach out and we will be more than happy to guide you towards the proper products for you, your hair and your lifestyle!

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