The Bombshell Gives Back

The Local Bombshell Gives Back!

Please join us is Giving Back to our environment & our community!

We have been so blessed by our community and our amazing guests - allowing us to do what we love. Part of The Local Bombshell's culture is to be able to give back. We all can appreciate the warm fuzzies we get when we #dotherightthing! So... in the month of March we have decided to roll out #TheBombshellGivesBack. We'd love it, if you'd tag The Local Bombshell in any of your social media posts using that hashtag and how we hopefully have inspired you to do some good! What this means is that when you visit the salon, or make a purchase we have the opportunity for you to give back. This month we have 2 ways!! Check them out below! Brand new CHAR from Surface is here! This is a perfect combo for any hair type that needs texture and moisture with out weighing it down! Check out all the goods from Wayne himself! SPRAY TANS:

We know spring break, prom, weddings and all kinds of other events are coming up! Be sure to book your spray tan ASAP! Whether you need a tan for an event, or just to give yourself an extra pep in your step, Trish fills quickly, so if you know you are going to need an natural looking, instant bronze, get in touch now! She's already filling up through April! Don't forget: Sunless VIP Memberships have just launched! There are only 7 memberships available, and once they are gone, we will start a waiting list! Check out the Membership details HERE. *Be sure to read all the way to the end of this email... There's something BIG waiting for you!

Mini Max Repair Treatments: $5

This is the "jr. size" to our Maximum Repair Treatment that will help clear out impurities, and deposit not only protein, but hydration, as well. The regular treatment in normally $25, so getting the mini is going to be a real treat for you - and your hair!

*The $5 fee for this will be 100% donated to The Iowa Donor Network to help raise awareness for organ donation. You are more than welcome to make a donation over and above the $5! Our goal is to raise $100 so that we can provide 4 donor families with a recording of their loved one's heartbeat inside a pillow.

Put your name on a card to show your support!

In 2017, Surface partnered with The National Arbor Day Foundation and was able to plant 7,500 trees! In 2018, Surface's goal is to plant 10,000! The Local Bombshell has agreed to help with this project! Here's how: For EACH 2oz Bassu Hydrating oil purchased, $1 goes to The National Arbor Day Foundation. $1 plants 1 tree! Our goal is to plant 50 trees this year! When you purchase Bassu Hydrating oil, not only will you help plant a tree, you'll also get 10% off each bottle AND you'll go into a drawing for a FREE 8oz Bassu Oil!! *As always, if you can't make it in, we are always willing to invoice you and/or ship!*


Receive Hand Relief Creme FREE when you purchase CHAR Shampoo & Conditioner! (*$35 value)

Find out what Surface founder, Wayne Grund has to say about CHAR!

Wayne Grund Introduces CHAR! CHAR: ACTIVATED HAIR AND SKIN CARE A New World of Clean Moisture, Volume, Texture, Rejuvenation Watch the CHAR Hair & Skin Video!

Looking Ahead: March 6: International Spray Tan Day! Here's your BIG 'something'! ;)

In honor of this glowing day, Trish has a couple special deals that are good now through March 6th! Save $10 : Purchase 2 Custom Spray Tans for $50! Save them for yourself, gift them, buy as many as you want! Email Trish and she will send you an invoice, so you don't even have to go to the salon to get in on this incredible deal! Skin Care: Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off! Now's the time to stock up on all your lotions, ExMitts and body washes, GloBars and Scrubs! Again, reach out to Trish-she'll be happy to invoice you and set your goods aside or ship them to you!

This is ONLY good through March 6, 2018 - so get yours now!

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