Things Are Getting a Bit Personal...

I’m sorry, but....... Wait. Scratch that. No more apologies.

This blog starts out to be a little personal, but it has a point- just stick with me!

2018 is the year that instead of working on all these crazy sales goals, my goal for myself is to become more me. (Don't get me wrong-we will still be a Top 30 Surface Salon, but there are other matters that are important, too.) Like becoming more authentic. The culture of my salon is to be humble and kind. And be authentic - be who you are are. So. In my opinion, part of authenticity is to stop apologizing for things that I don’t have any reason to be sorry about (see first few sentences). Other things I am working on: Saying No more, saying yes more, and doing more for the community and doing the right thing.

On some of my travels teaching spray tanning and business, I met a beautiful soul, Elysa. (Peace, Love and ProTan, Ya’all) And what this new found friend told me is that there is a company in South Florida that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain some independence. Listening to how passionate she was about this company and how it helps, and who it helps, I knew I needed to be a part of helping this company.

Friends, I’m proud to introduce you to ScentsAbility:

ScentsAbility is a non profit organization providing job training, employment and housing to young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). We teach our trainees how to punch in/out for their shift, how to use a cash register, stock shelves, alphabetize, count money, and how to use a computer to ring up a sale. In addition our retail candle store and factory based in Coral Springs, FL provides a perfect training facility and employment opportunity. Our trainees hand pour these candles, and other products that are available for sale.

Our products include hand poured soy blend candles, scented soy wax melts, essential oils and many other scented products. We recently launched "Parties that Make Scents" offering candle making parties, team building experiences, ladies nite fun and much more. This gives our young adults additional opportunities to work and earn money and tips. We offer parties both at our location or yours.

As an honored member of the National Candle Association we use only top quality raw materials and scents from some of the finest fragrance houses in the world. ScentsAbility is the recipient of the Platinum Business Award from Connections, a state and local tribute and a US Congressional Proclamation.

Building a better future for individuals with IDD!

What this means to us at The Local Bombshell is that in the coming weeks, we will soon be stocking a few scents of candles from ScentsAbility. When you purchase a candle or ScentsAbility product, a good portion of your purchase goes back to helping these amazing people gain knowledge in the business world, and give them something to look forward to and be passionate about! I am UNAPOLOGETICLY proud and excited to offer amazing products to our community, while helping another!

Enjoy. Love, Trish

Currently Available for Pre-Order:

4 oz Candle Tins...$5

4 oz Jar Candle...$7

8 oz Jar Candles....$15

Scents available: Lavender, Vanilla Bean,

Apple Pie & Tropical Smoothie


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