Flat Iron Like a Pro

Since you got some great tips about blow drying like a pro, how about a few to flat iron like a pro??

1.) Be sure hair is completely dry. (For more blow drying tips, check out my last blog! "Blow Dry Like a Pro".)

2.) Applying a protectant such as Surface Bassu OIl will help to protect the hair, and to allow all your styling products to work even better! This oil can be applied wet or dry, and will add shine, softness and drive your products deeper into the hair so you will see more benefits from your products.

3.) Divide hair into smaller sections and pin sections that you aren't working on out of the way. This allows you to work more efficiently, and makes your work more managable!

4.) On each section, lightly mist a heat protectant on the hair. My favorite is Surface Repair Tonic for all types of hair. It helps to protect, and add strrength to the hair!

5.) Section hair out into 1"-2" sections, ensuring that you are able to get your iron to the scalp. (CAUTION: Do NOT apply the hot flat iron directly to the scalp, as it can cause burns. Get the iron close enough that you can smooth the hair near the scalp, but you are not appling the iron directly to the scalp.)

6.) Use an iron with a digital temperature read out. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I SEE when it comes to damaged hair is that guests are using flat irons that are too hot for their type of hair. The digital read out allows us to see exactly what heat setting we are using. My favorite iron is the BioIonic Gold Pro 1" Flat Iron. Say goodbye to tugging & pulling on the hair and say hello to smooth, shiny, healthy hair!

HOT TIP: What temperature should your flat iron read?? Here's a guide, or general rule of thumb:

-75% or More Blonde, or fine/thin hair: 300-320 degrees

-50% or less blonde, Medium texture/Normal hair: 320-380 degrees

-Brunette, thick/course hair: 350-400 degrees

*Always go by texture of your hair, when in doubt!*

7.) Apply even pressure along the whole length of the section you are working on. Avoid going over each section multiple times. This will cause damage to your hair!

8.) Finish your style with a dry shampoo - of course, I'm going

to suggest our Surface Dry Shampoo. Finishing with dry shampoo on day 1 of our style will allow any oils and sweat to be absorbed, so you can stretch your style out an extra day or 2! For a little added shine, and moisture, mist a few spritzs of Surface Shine Spray over your finished look!

Of course,all of the above items can be purchased at The Local Bombshell! As always, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask if you have any questions. I'd love to help teach you some tips/tricks and ideas to make your styling easier!

Love, Trish

Owner, Stylist, Master Spray Tan Tech

The Local Bombshell

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