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Introducing VIP Bombshell Memberships!

It's important to me that you find value in your services & products, AND save money at the same time. Let's face it, we are ALL on a budget, so I've created a way for you to save money AND feel like the Bombshell you are! I've been offering spray tan memberships for some time, but now, but this one is for EVERYONE, that literally purchases anything The Local Bombshell offers! INTRODUCING: The VIP BOMBSHELL MEMBERSHIP! The Bombshell Membership was designed to act more like a lay-a-way plan, so you can budget your purchases better, AND save money! What's Included: -10% off all products (in addition to sales! This is the ONLY way to combine deals!) -DOUBLE Rewards Points, to get you closer to Bombshell Bucks! -Exclusive Deals & Discounts -Be the first to know when new products/services launch & sample them! How it works: Cost is $50/month. The fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month, on the first of the month. (Initial payment will be the day you sign up, after that it will deduct on the first of the month.) That money will go onto your Bombshell Account. When you purchase services or products, the total will be withdrawn from your Bombshell Account. In the event that there isn't enough on your account to cover your total, you will be responsible for paying the remaining amount with another form of payment. This is a 6 month commitment period, and after that it's on a month to month basis! (*I do reserve the right to change, alter or cancel the program at any time.) Because this is such a great opprtunity (and a good chunk of tracking on my end) I am only allowing 10 (yes, TEN) folks to sign up! When all 10 spots fill, I will begin a waiting list, and you will be added if anyone drops off!

To reserve your membership, email me at: hello@thelocalbombshell or sign up for yours by going to:

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