A Glimpse into Fitness Competitions with Pro Tan

If you've been following my Facebook page, you'll notice that I've been traveling around the midwest to bodybuilding competitions spraying competitors with Pro Tan! Pro Tan is the industry leader in competition sprays, and was the first to "invent" a competition spray tan.

Some of you are likely wondering WHY DO COMP TANS HAVE TO BE SO DARK?? Here's the answer: Way back when competitions started, they were "competing" at Muscle Beach in California. These competitions were held ater the athletes spent all their time training in the California sun. (Can you imagine how dark there skin had gotten???) The deep dark BROWN tan that Pro Tan delivers emulates that tan from the days of the beach competitions. Fun Fact of the Day, right??

Being a part of Team Pro Tan has truly been a blessing for me. It's HARD work (15+ hour days doing a million squats?? Yep- piece of cake - LOL!), but even with the hard work it entails, it has become such a passion for me. Hearing the stories the athletes have and to be a part of their journey, is something I just can't explain, and it never really feels like "work". Spray tanning is a part of my business that is such a passion for me... and since I also have a a few certifications and a background in fitness and nutrition (another Fun Fact of the DAY!!), competition tanning is like a dream come true.

WHAT I actually do when I'm off to Omaha or Chicago, or anywhere in the US, is amazing, but WHO I get to work with is also a Godsend. These ladies I've had the pleasure to work alongside come from all walks of life, all parts of the country and have such incredible stories. No matter who we are, or what we do outside of Pro Tan, we all come together for the good of the competitors, and we love each and every minute of it. There's not one of these Chicas I couldn't call should I need anything outside of my Pro Tan weekends!

Did you also know that I am the ONLY Pro Tan Certified Salon in the state of Iowa?? That means that I have gone through in depth, detailed training to be sure I can provide the athletes with the proper color and trechnique to give them a winning tan. I've even assisted Pro Tan's Trainer with training events! Even when I'm not traveling with Pro Tan, I'm still able to provide athete's with the tan that will take them to number one, either in my salon or bring it to them, wherever their competition might be!

Of course, I'd love to answer any questions you may have about competition tans, or, if you're an athlete, let's reserve your tanning weekend!

Email: Hello@TheLocalBombshell.com

Phone: 319.987.4052

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