Rules for Styling Curly Hair

There's an exclusive club, that you know when you are a part of it. It's an un-said club, and most do not want to be a member of that club. It's the Curly Hair Club. I'm here to give you some rules to help control the curls, and your styling routine! Once you follow these curly hair styling rules, you'll be a proud member of the Curly Hair Club!

1. Be sure to only use products that are high quality, and natural. Clearly, Surface Hair Curls line, is my line of choice.

Surface Curls line has glycoproteins in it, which means that all the Curls Products help to act as "skinny jeans" for the hair, decreasing and smoothing the texture, while adding lightweight moisture with Certified organic Cocoa Butter, Babassu Oil and Amaranth which melt into the hair soothing brittle, frizzy curls on contact. Humidity resistance is one more added benefit to this line!

2.Keep hair moisturized at all times. Using Curls shampoo & conditioner and Curls Whip Mousse as your leave-in helps to start your routine off right - and without heavy moisturizers that can weigh the hair down! The Curls Whip Mousse has ZERO hold factor, FYI!

3. Once you have applied your leave in, (which should be applied to towel dried hair - don't rough up the cuticle, gently squeeze the water out with a cotton shirt, if possible!) comb through gently, with a wide tooth comb or pick.

4. HANDS OFF! Do as little touching as possible. Especially when the hair is dry.

5. Do you want to enhance your curls, & make the curls you have look more uniform? Section hair and gently squeeze a small amount of Curls Firm Mousse into each section when you want to enhace the curls. (Depending on how much hair you are working with you may need to use up to apporoximately 1-2 golf ball sizes of mousse, but try 1 first, as all Surface products are highly concentrated.) Want to smooth, and control? Try Curls Smoothing Cream, or Crave Styling Paste.

5. Using a diffuser, like the BioIonic Universal Diffuser will help

shape & mold the curls, more so than if you just air dry. Tipping your head upside down while diffusing will help create volume at the scalp, so that you can avoid "triangle hair".

HOT TIP: When diffusing, use high heat and low speed! This helps to dry, but not get "blown away" and have frizzies to deal with. Be sure the hair is completely dry.. any added water will weigh the hair down, and you'll lose your style.

6. You can always finish your style by squezzing in a bit of Curls Cream Wax to the ends, or using Curls Finishing Spray. The wax is super lightweight, and helps to define and soften curls, for the touchable look we always want to achieve. The finishing spray acts as your lightweight finisher, is a humidity barrier, and also doubles as a heat protectant when using styling hot tools! Curls Finishing has a light hold factor, so no helmet head with this spray!

7. Once a week, be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment using Surface Curls Mask. This will help moisturize, repair, protect and add shine! All you do is shampoo, then run a small amount of Curls Mask through the hair and leave in! Bake it right in to your hair, for so many benefits! This is also a service we offer in salon, as well!

I hope these rules help you enjoy and embrace your curls! Of course, these products can be purchased at The Local Bombshell. As always, if you have questions, I'm happy help! Please reach out to me!

Love, Trish

Owner, Stylist, Master Spray Tan Artist,

The Local Bombshell

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