Avoid Summertime Green

We've all seen it; or even dealt with it. It's one of the bain's of summer, especially if you have blonde hair! What am I talking about?? That green hue blondes tend to take on in the summer, after sepnding some time in a pool or even a lake sometimes!

I think it's my duty to help you avoid this situation if at all possible! Here are a few precautions that can help remedy the dreaded green:

1) Always dampen the hair with clean water before entering any body of water.

2) Once damp, through a bit of leave-in conditioner in that hair. (Curls Whip Mousse, Awaken Mist or Protein Cream are my favorites depending on your hair type.) You can even add a bit of Bassu Hydrating Oil in this step, as Bassu OIl has an approximate SPF of 4, and is meant to protect hair and skin! (*This is NOT meant to be used in place of your regular SPF!)

-These 2 steps will help to prevent any unwanted minerals to attach to the hair.

3) When exiting the pool for an extended amoutn of time, be sure to shampoo immediately to remove anything from the hair they may have absorbed into the hair. Char or Bassu are great shampoo's that will cleanse the hair, but leave some moisture behind, so we can avoid the plastic "Barbie Hair" affect.

-Do NOT allow the hair to dry with out a good shampooing. This can cause the impurities to "bake" into the hair, making it more difficult to remove them.

4) At the end of the day, be sure to clarify that hair really well, just to solidify everything that is unwanted has been removed from the hair. I love Surface's Purify at then end of the day to remove any build up and/or minerals, chlorine, etc. (It also doubles a great body wash!) Be sure to follow up with a great conditioner like Bassu Masque, as well as your favorite leave in conditioner to be sure we put back any moisture that may have been lost, and to help protect the hair. Here is also a great time to add a splash of Bassu Oil, as well!

5) From time to time, and especially at the end of the summer, it's highly reccomended you head on into The Local Bombshell to recieve a Purify & Maximum Repair Treatment.

This will really dig deep into that hair and help get out all of the impurites, and put back the moisture and protein your hair has been missing all summer. It's super easy, it's like a spa treatment for your hair, and it can be added on to any service, or you can request to have just have the treatment done!

I really hope this helps you avoid the green! Of course, as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or even suggestions on what you would like me to write about on my upcoming blogs!

Always, Trish - Owner | Stylist | Master Spray Tan Artist, The Local Bombshell

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