Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is finally, officially here!! BUT-that means there's a new set of variables that will be affecting your hair and styling routine! Sun, heat, humidity are all things that can cause havoc for you when it comes to your skin and hair! It doesn't have to, though! Let me show you some ways to counteract the negative effects summer can have on your hair!

High humidity can cause the hair to go limp and lifeless, the bright sun could cause your

color to fade faster, or even tun brassy, the heat can create a dryness that doesn't make your hair feel or look great, and we all know what pool or lake/river water can do... (green or muddy looking hair, anyone???)

Conditioner IS your friend! I talk to so many people that are "afraid" of conditioner because they feel it just weighs their hair down. (of course, my first question is: "Are you

using the right conditioner for your hair type, and are you using it properly?") In the summer sun and heat, your conditioner is going tot act as a protectant froom the start, so whether you choose to use a conditioner in the shower, or a leave in when you are starting your styling routine, conditioner will be like a new bestie! Of course, my favorites are Curls Whip Mousse, Awaken Mist or Protein Cream from Surface!

Avoid heat styling, if possible. It's already hot out, the sun is beating down on that hair - adding more heat to your hair is only asking for more dryness! If you feel you MUST heat style, be sure you're using a heat protectant like Repair Tonic to protect those locks and help add shine and volume!

Hot Tip: Let your hair air dry most of the way, and then hit it with the blow dryer and brush to smooth and add shine-you'll save yourself some time, and still get the benefits of blowdrying, just with less heat!

Swimming: I actually wrote an entire blog JUST on this subject! Be sure to check it out

here: Avoiding The Summertime Green.

This article will teach you all that you need to know about how to prevent and treat green hair from chlorine or lake water!


Instead of pulling your hair back in a tight ponytail, try different ways of styling with braids, clips, headbands or barrettes. Those ponytails can cause breakage, which can lead to frizz, fuzz and no fun, so try different styling techniques to keep breakage under control.

Wear a hat! Whenever possible, wear a hat to combat sun, on both the hair and skin. There are so many options these days, you're bound to find a couple that you love! (This also gives you an extra day of not styling your hair, too!!) BONUS: If you are a top-off jeep lover, windows down woman, or convertable girl a hat will help keep tangles under control, too!

I hope these tips help you have great summer hair days! Please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions, or offer up suggesstions about things you'd like to see on upcoming blog posts!

Happy Hair Days, Friends!

Always, Trish - Owner, Stylist, Master Spray Tan Artist

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