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WOWZA... It's been awhile, huh?? Blogging is something I haven't done in almost a year - literally my last one was July, and it's the beginning of April right now. It IS something I have forgotten how much I enjoy. So much that I have decided that I want to revamp the feel of the Bombshell Blog. Even though this is *technically* supposed to be beauty related, I'm going to add in some personal thoughts, as well as inspirational and motivational ideas here and there, too. As always, you can count on the fact that I'll have educational tid-bits as well as business happenings!

So. Let's get you brought up to speed on what's happening with The Bombshell, shall we?

I'll start with what happened in July of 2018.... The Fam & I were headed out on vacation and received a phone call from our realtor (Wes at Midtown Realty - Yep - I totally plugged them - they have been so helpful to us, and I tell everyone I can about

them!) informing us that our offer had been accepted on a commercial property that was located right across the street from my first location. We weren't exactly looking to purchase more property, but this practically fell into our lap. Even though The Bombshell hadn't even been in business 2 years at that point, it was becoming clear that I was busting at the seams and really needed to consider other options, should they come available.

I've been a hairstylist for almost 20 years, and in 2012, I picked up spray tanning that started out as way to add something extra to my service dollar. It has however, become a passion, and eventually one of the dreams that developed from that was to open a Sunless Only Studio in the Cedar Valley. So you can only imagine what my first thought was when we decided to take on the project of gutting and renovating a long standing building in Janesville.

You guessed it - the secret is out: I now have the opportunity {space} to open that spray tan only studio that I've been wanting to open for YEARS. As of April 2. 2019 I can say that with help of my husband, I opened the Cedar Valley's first and only spray tan only studio. Introducing Sunless By Bombshell! (Feel free to check out the Facebook page here!)

I'm still a hairstylist, and The Local Bombshell is still your go-to salon, as we have upgraded, expanded and hopped across the street, but Sunless By Bombshell is now an official "thing". Just like The Bombshell, SBB is housed in it's own suite.

In addition to custom spray tans, I have also invested in an automated booth for those of you that like a little more privacy, or just don't want to make an appointment. {For the record, I'll ALWAYS say a handheld tan is going to allow for a better outcome, but a booth surely works for a number of reasons, too!}

This has been a crazy, wild, whirlwind of emotions, stress and lots of hard work, but we did it! We still have some projects to finish before we can say we are 100% done with this renovation, and we are still working out some kinks with things, so we appreciate your patience with that!

We are so excited to have a new stylist added to our team: Katie Powers. She has been a stylist for a couple years and specializes in not only color, but children's cuts and especially those with special needs! Her Facebook page is: Katie's Breath of Fresh Hair.

Bella Nails has also moved their location from Waverly to right across the hall from TLB, to add one more level of awesomeness to the building. (And let me tell you, their services are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. - Check them out for yourself!!)

I'd love it if you came in to check out what we've done with the place and maybe even have a service or 2 done! I'm so grateful for this opportunity & I surely couldn't do it without your love and support!

Always, Trish <3

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